Junky Stuff - 127 Sale

Our Lake trip happened to fall on the same weekend as the 127 Corridor Sale. What a happy coincidence! So while my guys unpacked and made the first trek to the lake, I got to go browsing junk! I picked up a nice pile of items in this spot, but ended up giving it all back - junk should be priced as junk, I believe. I did buy one thing - a 'penalty item'. More on that later.

Sis-in-law was great to browse with - she's an enthusiastic buyer, right, sis? She scored the coolest old coffee pot, sort of like this one.

They don't show as well in this picture, but these electrical bits were so cool! I'm sure the old guy standing behind me was wishing I'd stop taking photos of his stuff and get out of the way.

We found this spectacular vine outside one of the old country stores. The owner called it Hummingbird Vine, but I've found it online as Cypress Vine. She gave us a couple of starts after she saw Sis-in-Law hunkered down trying to sneak some into her purse. She threw some seeds in too - what a generous lady!
(BTW, I was reminded that you're not supposed to thank someone for the gift of a plant, or it will die.)



LaughingLioness said...

I love collecting starts wherever I go! Sounds like your day of junking was fun = )!

Courtney and the Boys said...

I never knew that saying thank you when gifted a plant would cause it to die...that explains a lot!! lol :)

alicia said...

Someone's junk is another's treasures. Or something along those lines. Happy WW!

Ash said...

i want to dress those naked dolls >.<

~ash's mum

Genny said...

That vine really is spectacular! What great photos. :)

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

How fun, I love browsing around junk or antique shows. So glad you were able to get some of that vine, very pretty.