The Weeds Are Winning

My garden has gone a little wild this year. I've gotten involved in so many house things. Ever heard of the Fly Ladies? They teach you to organize your cleaning so you spend LOTS less time doing it. Yeah, I've got a big learning curve over here, so not as much time to spend outside. This picture says it all - I'll interpret for you:

Those longish canes are from a hardy hibiscus bush - that rogue vine climbing up them is called a Star of Yelta morning glory. Bought a packet of these and planted them years ago, and they pop up in the garden every year in the most unexpected (and unwelcome) places. Unlike Heavenly Blue morning glories, or Pearly Gates morning glories, two of my favorites, these have smallish blooms and fuzzy leaves and vines. And they are aggressive! Coming up by surprise, these can take over while you've got your head in the hall closet trying to figure out how so many coats could exist in such a small space. But what a lovely name --- Star of Yelta --- the name alone made me buy the packet of seeds!

And though they fall into the weed category for me, what lovely, velvety deep color!

(BTW - that tall plant with the yellow blooms? Another weed.)