Cemetery Naps

We visit cemeteries. We even visited the graveyard in Charleston, SC, on our honeymoon trip. "Graveyards", the old folks call them. On our One Day In Savannah, the Colonial Park Cemetery in the middle of downtown was on our list of must sees. It's fascinating to be one of the living tiptoeing among the markers, monuments and memorials of the dead. Reading their life dates and their considering their parting words.

And one never knows if that glorious catching away might happen, right there in the cemetery, giving us the best seat in the house to see the "dead in Christ rise first". That would be amazing!
Some of these gravestones were defaced by Union soldiers who had too much time on their hands while occupying the city during the Civil War. I'm sure those up to such wicked mischief must've been teenagers...

Speaking of mischief in the cemetery...
We rounded a bend in the quiet, peacefully lush, consecrated grounds to find this:

Seriously? Really?? Is this the right place for a NAP? Yes, it was hot, and it was the napping time of day, but ... really? Could you? WOULD you lie down among tombstones for a little rest?

And apparently that's what they were doing; and you know I stared and studied them. They had made themselves fair game, after all, reclining in such a tourist stop - it's on the trolley line, after all!

Observe that they were not touching. And they did not jump apart when they (if they) heard us. (Close up lenses rock!) They must've just felt a little noddy. A tiny bit 'sweepy'. So unbearably drowsy.
"Hey, hon - let's just take five on this soft grass here, want to?"
"Yeah, Babe! Great idea - I could really use a power nap!"
"Whoa, there's a bumpy spot right under my hip..."

(There's a southern version of this conversation, but I'll leave that to your imagination. :0)

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Sartenada said...

I read with great interest Your post. Well, well, here in my country to take naps is not allowed and nobody should have that kind of idea. Unbelievable that some have!