No Way Bridge

We left our island paradise, just for a day, to visit Savannah. It's only 45 minutes away, and certainly I've complained about missing it every single other time we've traveled to HHI. I thought that it would be making clever use of an awesome history opportunity to take our boys into a great old city like Savannah, but I was the only one who thought so. Now I'm so glad we waited to take this trip until we were on our own. What a great day we had! More photos on that later, but I thought you should see these two pics of an amazing (!) bridge approaching on the horizon as we were almost to the city.

Now I'm not one to be afraid of high places, in amusement park rides, tall buildings or bridges, either. And I did once have a moment on a bridge going into Cincinnati, but it was because of the crazy traffic, not a height issue.
There is that bridge going into Madison, IN, from Milton, KY... that one makes you form an exit plan.
Do you have an exit plan for bridges?

When I saw this one rising in the distance --- I had to start snapping photos from pretty far away. "Is that a BRIDGE?" ... "That CANNOT be a BRIDGE?!" ...
"What in the world were they THINKING ?!?!" ...
"Do we have to GO on it???"
And yes, we did have to go on that bridge. More snapping, LOTS of (panic-y) photos as we got closer and closer.
*are you kidding me*
I did have a PullOverPullOverPullOver reflex, but I kept it to myself.
I thought I needed time to form a new exit strategy for this size bridge - those of you who know my strategy know that it would not work in this situation, right?
Anyway, not good to prove oneself mentally unstable on the anniversary trip, right?
At least not on the third day out.

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the mama said...

We both enjoyed reading this....we were both glad we were not in the car with you as you approached that bridge! TEE HEE
And, that exit strategy thing does not work on any bridge!!! giggle