Scary Junk

We found an antique store to browse on our One Day In Savannah. It's our thing - finding oddities among the antique junk booths. Complete and total enjoyment!
So just for fun on Halloween ... what is the scariest object in this photo?

Without a doubt, it's the Cymbal-Playing Monkey, sitting oh so innocently on the table. Here's what he can really do - it's not pretty.

The button-eyed charcoal child holding a box of chocolate covered cherries for her 'Grammy' is nightmare inspiring, as well. I think it's the shoes that really do it.
Just the right realistic macabre touch to give me the shivers.

And just for chuckles, this liver pill ad cracked us up. Especially placed next to the child's chamber pot - great marketing!


Tate said...

I went to college with a guy who looked just like the symbol clapping monkey... I was kinda scared of him because of that. :o)

krissy said...

what does that price tag say on the liver pills. I would like to purchase that for the DOMMA Christmas party!!