Broom Skills

In a house full of men and almost-men, it takes a LOT of patience to "train" my sons to have ability in the housekeeping arena. Is it a genetic trait that (most) men consider cleaning to be on the feminine side of the To Do list? I think this problem might be ... inherited. But, with their Future Wives in mind, I crusade ever forward, trying to make them familiar, if not adept, with every household chore. Shouldn't every man have broom skills, at least?
Is that too much to ask?

Maybe it is, since I paid the price on this one - a new broom ...

... mysteriously broken-handled ...

... and bristle-whacked.
Oh, well! It's all for the Future Daughters-In-Law! Lord, bless and keep them!
Brooms are cheap.


krissy said...

hahaha! I'm sure their wives will be thankful.

marie said...

Poor broom! But keep trying, my son-in-law is a super broom sweeper. He's in charge of sweeping the kitchen while he and his family are staying with us for a little while.
I'll miss him when they leave! : )

PS. your future daughters in law will be so grateful to you!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely funny. Im so stuck in your writing. "Mysteriously broken handle". Trust me, men.