Snow Men

Most years there's at least one great snowman photo. One of my own men is missing in this photo, off working at McDonald's on his Saturday morning.
I especially like the 'do' on this year's snowman - sporty short.

I can't believe My Middle son is as tall as his dad --- almost a tiny bit taller!
And BTW, My Youngest is the only one of my brood that has gotten away with wearing just a hoodie ("But it's a warm one, Mom!!") to play out in the snow. But notice that Middle Son has gotten past it and has dressed himself warmly. Ah!

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

Great photo, and wonderful snowman! Both my sons are now taller than their dad ... but neither has the sense to dress up warmly. :(
Sorry your snowdrops didn't make it. Maybe they'll come up next year...?