Bread (Machine)

My bread machine still works.
Let me tell you that among those who move in (typical) homeschool circles, this is not an appliance to be bragging about. One should own a grain mill or a kneading board...maybe even a bread rising basket. But SHOULD is a big word, isn't it? Much too big.
And so, I want to tell you that my bread machine still works.
It was a Christmas gift several years ago - I'll bet it's been at least ten years! It's been banished a few times, when I was under the nearly irrisistable pressure of SHOULD. When I (briefly) considered buying the above breadmaking items and trying to bully (fake) my way into the society of those bread making, homeschooling, organic buying, entrepenurial mothers that I do admire.

Then the SHOULD would pass, taking a month or many more, and out it would come again - the Triumphant Breadmaking Machine!
Recently, My Middle Son came home from high school with an assignment to make homemade crescent rolls as were found in a novel they were reading in English class. I thought this was a little on the elementary side, but hey, anything for an extra 50 point bonus. Boys need all the extra credit they can get, right?
I'm so right about this, take my word for it.
So I introduced Boy Wonder to the Bread Machine.
And what a nicely raised dome of bread dough!
A wonder - no banneton required!


krissy said...

I was just discussing the "should" with another mom. Powerful sometimes.
Thanks for the encouraging words!

Anonymous said...

The smell of home made bread brings back memories of mom. Sometimes she would make bread and the aroma was wonderful when entering the house. Of course she did not have a nifty machine to make her bread. Even when I use my bread machine it brings back those memories.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Oh, how right you are about them needing the extra points where they can get them! (mutter, mutter....)

Yep, I have a bread machine too.