Yesterday, the snow waved goodbye - on the way out, the loveliest, light snow was left behind. Carefully, craftily piled up on the top and tip of each and every branch in the Big Backyard. These photos were taken in the Blue Light, with the rising sun right behind. The big boys had left for school already, and my last homeschooler still snoring away under the covers.

For the first time, the night before, I heard my teens say,
"I hope we don't have to stay home tomorrow!"
"Yeah! I just want to get on with it!"
The other said, "I just want it to get HOT!"
They didn't look happy as they walked out the door (and they never do), but having them gone, I grabbed the camera.
Because I'm SURE this is the LAST snow.
And I love the Blue Light - special things happen in the Blue Light Hours.

Daylight 'savings' time starts sometime in the night tonight, and the other half of our lives begin. The half with long, warm nights outside, way after dinner...
These below were taken at breakfast, an hour later.
The sun is up, and the snow is all buttery with it.
And it was all gone within two hours!
Goodbye Winter!
The Willow is putting her pearls on in the Front Yard...

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

We don't have anywhere near as much snow as you, but after two bouts of very cold snowy weather last year (January and then December) my younger son reached pretty much the same conclusion as yours. 'It's good fun for a couple of days and then it's just a nuisance' Imagine that!