Krohn Did the Work

I'm waiting for my shy daffodils to show their faces..

But while I wait, it's already spring at Krohn Conservatory. What a beautiful place to spend a cold morning! They have an amazing spring display, including all the plants I wish I had taken time to put in the ground for my own spring garden.

Wish I had planted some of these in the cold end-of-fall days last year!
But I'm always too eager to get into the holiday season, and every year I let the opportunity to plant new things for the spring - bulbs and cold hardy plants like these beautiful pansies, pass me by. Oh well - Krohn's horticulturists have done all the work, instead of me!

Side note: On our last field trip to Krohn, My Youngest and I created a very cool scavenger hunt - all photos. Let me know if you'd like to have it for your next visit. Any age would enjoy it, I think.

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