Flying Hunks

I'm not finished with the zoo photos yet!

Why are the sea lions so hard to find at the zoo? Off by themselves, shoved into a corner.
Finally a warm day to bask in the sun...this guy never moved while we were there.

Flamingos --- so PINK and noisy! Can't imagine how this one seemed to be so peacefully dozing with all the squawking going on.

This disgruntled guy was in a zoo hospital room - doesn't he just look peeved? Check out his eensy, tiny cast with the smiley face:

And my favorites, the gorillas, were out for sport! We got to see the almost-a-silverback gorilla beating up on the much smaller tween (it happens everywhere, folks), until THIS big daddy got up and put a stop to all the nonsense.
You'd better believe I was 'alert', cause doesn't he just look like he's thinking about it?
(I think we all know that really means 'clumps of poo', right?
Watch out for flying hunks of poo!
Zoo signage could be so much more engaging...)

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

I think he looks very contemplative. This is a book cover pose from someone who has written a Mann Booker-nominated novel.