Gasp - Plink - Scurry


I have it.

So when I looked up from the computer and saw this:

Thank God Above, it was on the OUTSIDE of the screen, and NOT in my house.
I cranked open the window and plinked this guy over the sidewalk, all the way out into the grass! I was victorious for about two seconds, until he came scurrying back across the sidewalk, toward the house.

I'm waiting for him to find his way into our home, and scare me witless.
It's just that spidery time of year.

(Just for a little TMI related to spiders --- I found a tick in my pants during the thunderstorms a couple of nights ago. Even if the wind, hail and lightning wouldn't have kept me awake, every tiny, wiggly itch required investigation after that discovery.)

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the mama said...

Ewwww! Ticks on others are so annoying....ticks on me are just too creepy!