Zoo (Love)

A sure way to get out of books for the day here at our homeschool? No fail? Ask for a day at the zoo. Answer: Yes! There's always something amazing to see, lots of great stuff to read, tons to learn, just in observation.

When we go for a field trip, there's always a 'hunt'. Recently, the items on the list were:
1. a declarative sentence
2. an imperative sentence
3. in interrogative sentence
4. an exclamatory sentence
5. a historic fact
6. two words for the spelling list
7. two photos each of acute angles,
obtuse angles, and right angles

Whoever finds the item does NOT have to record it - but the other hunters do! This greatly motivates the searchers and turns the whole thing into a friendly race.

The declarative sentence was taken from the sign describing these Siamang apes. It's terribly romantic, I think...
"Male and female pairs duet to strengthen their bond and defend their territory."

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