Along with a bag of unsuspecting yet prepared creatures, you need to bring your strongest stomach to Dissection Day activities. It all happens out under the trees, on the old picnic table --- IF there happens to be no rain.
('Cause nobody better open that bag in the house!)
No concert earplugs to be found, so --- insert cotton balls!
Gloves weren't really necessary, as it turned out. I used all my furniture stripping gloves for nothing. There's hardly any juice left in those critters!
Why are these boys under 12 wearing bifocals? Yeah, well, the magnifying glass was misplaced, too. Possibly keeping company with the lost earplugs-wanna-be-noseplugs.
Dearest Dad's glasses worked just fine. And there was a LOT to see - it's truly amazing to take apart something that used to be alive and see the inside story on how things work in there. The intricacy and craftsmanship of the Creator - astounding! All that detail, all those systems - just for a frog that will live so short a time!

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy. This is one part of homeschooling that I don't particularly look forward to. But I do appreciate your thoughts on how it is a look at the craftmanship of our Creator. Great point. I'm going to file that away for the day when I take a dead frog out to our back patio to dissect. ;)