Gourd Love

I admire gourds. One summer, I bought two of the cutest miniature birdhouse gourds from an elderly gentleman who was selling them at an antique fair. He talked to me about joining the "American Gourd Society", yesitsforreal, and he even gave me their last newsletter. I wore the gourd necklace, since the ridiculous is funny for me, but after seeing the photo, I felt it looked just slightly ... sordid. And at a really up-scale antique show, too.

ANYWAY --- This year I'm trying to sprout seeds from last year's $4 bag of ornamental gourds (grudgingly) bought as fall party decorations. I'm going to squeeze every bit of worth from that bag of pretty, pretty, tiny gourds, because I'm such a cheapskate.

As backup, I paid $2 for this new bag of ornamental gourd seeds. Of course, this seed pack has EVERYTHING I want in it, including the same seeds as the dried ones, straight out of the Walmart gourds.

But look - do you see those teensy, adorable white gourds? The kind I was too cheap to buy for the party last fall? THOSE are the kind I would really love to grow this year! Wouldn't a big basket of those be nice to have when the leaves start to turn this October - yes - for free!

Now I only have to figure out -
Which of the many seeds will produce those?

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krissy said...

just don't plant them too early! i did pumpkins once and had pumpkins in late August.