Surprise flowers - just popped up, just for me, (probably) just for this season!
And my favorite flower color, too!
I ask you, what is more amazing than sky blue flowers?
Not purple-y blue, although I respect those, but real, true SKY BLUE.

Forget-me-nots! I had LOTS of these when the boys were wee, and I never knew what became of them. They just disappeared, like so many other plants that just never reappear.
Like delphinium.
But don't get me started on the woes of my relationship with delphinium ... I'm trying to maintain my dignity with delphinium this year and not chase it like a lovesick fool. I'm on going to chase after baptisia australis this year.
Anyway, these surprise blooms are in the most unexpected place - the zinnia bed, way back near the fire pit. How in the world did random forget-me-nots end up waaayyyy back there, at least five years after they made their exit? The garden, folks, is a mysterious place...

I remember seeing bluets, just like these, in the lush grass of the side yard during our very first summer at this house. I was with Middle Son, who was sleeping in his Moses basket, out in the shade. That boy had a rough entry into the world, and it was a few weeks before we got outside. That was sixteen years ago this month! So it's been sixteen years since I've seen these tiny treasures, never seeing them again after that spring.

Some surprises are wonderful!