There aren't many people browsing around antique stores on Tuesdays.

All the more room for us to have fun while nosing around those crowded, cramped rows of old and wonderful 'stuff'. No one nearby to mind if we take a few photos of ourselves, blissfully happy, on our RUN AWAY TRIP.
I agree - we look waaayyy too young to have teenaged offspring running, DRIVING, around.

Just want to share some of the sights that made us wipe away tears of laughter, causing store owners to peer into those tricky mirrors with which they can see you all the time. You might not think any of these are funny - you probably had to be there. Or maybe you had to be US to think these photos are funny. Nonetheless ...
Antique Store Dolls
I think it's obvious which doll is the Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins. Luckily, he has a pal, that little brown haired doll on his right, who doesn't seem to mind snuggling.

This looks like a snapshot from my early childrearing days -
another sad accident with the stroller.

Which one of these ladies has hot plans for tonight?
I said it was the one with side-cast eyes, who got carried away with her rouge.
MWH said, of course, that it was the one who left her shirt at home.
All the others look like wholesome girls, don't you think?


amy said...

You are SOOOOO funny! I especially love the baby in the stroller comment b/c it took me a second to "get the picuture". Love it!!

the mama said...

Oh I think crazy eyes wins!

We've never been to Georgetown...that will have to change soon!