Plastic and Eyebrows

I found Swa-nie in a STORE CLOSING clearance sale.
Husband had left me on my own to wander the gardening area. I was searching for something in which to make a new home for the hens-and-chicks that had overflown their old, scaling clay pot.
I met him in the paint aisle with her under my arm.
"She's one of us!"
But he scoffed aloud, throwing out insulting words like CHEAP and FLIMSY and PLASTIC.

When we got home, he tried to rally the Man Troops against Swa-nie and me, calling for a vote. Only one, I think, of the boys entered into the game, also voting against. I think he said something about
porch decorations for the geriatric.
I declared them to be Plastic Prejudiced and took our new girl outside.

I'm not exactly sure why Swa-nie made it into the cart, or why she appealed to me. I've also been guilty of always snubbing cheap, flimsy, plastic garden accessories.
But, true confession --- it has alot to do with wooden swans, which I've always admired (coveted).
And eyebrows.
Is it just me, or are our eyebrows wearing away as we get older?
And don't try to pretend it's not true - I've been fretting over mine, just a bit (!), while looking at my other more mature friends, only to discover that I'm not the only one with fading eyebrows!
Is it the result of constant furrowing?
Too much quizzical lifting?
Anxiety induced over-rubbing?
Or just another component of unexplainable middle-aged breakdown?

Whatever the cause, in the spirit of camaraderie, Swa-nie is one of us
- those with the eyebrows fading fast.