She's a Mother

This woman - isn't she an impressive lady? There were instant sparks between us. We recognized each other. I knew right away that she's a mother. You can tell, too, right?

Check out her expression. She's somewhat stern, sort of 'don't even think you can shoot me with the Nerf dartgun' . Can you see it? But her mouth is still pleasant - she might break into laughter at any moment.
The Scales of Justice are a dead give away, I think. Mothers constantly standing in judgement, assuring fairness for all ... yes, that was a joke. IS a joke! Nonetheless, those scales are chained on, and she can't get out of the judgement job.
But the sword --- that sword clinches it.
She's looks like a mother with some teens who need a little more discipline than they currently possess. And she can deliver.


amy :) said...

Now what was that a wise JBQ teacher once told her class about what the sword represents...A mothers greatest weapon perhaps?

YWH said...

I thought it was the hat that was the dead giveaway.