Behind The Glass

Antique junk stores have amazing and amusing things, of course, but most of the time, I only look at what is out there in the aisles. The last time we shopped, we looked behind the glass. The cases usually house the more expensive items, so I usually don't even look, but there are some funny things happening behind glass!

Look at these tiny tin soldiers, all ready for battle. Some with weapons at their shoulders and some with weapons already aimed. I like the guy in the front who seems to be wiping his nose on his sleeve - typical, right? My favorite soldier boy, though, is the one who decided to go without his shirt! It's been my experience that most males, if given the chance, will happily shed the shirt and go half-naked - I think this soldier is especially realistic.

Couples tied to their benches. These seem like parents at the ends of their ropes. We had to snicker - I'm sure our boys have wished they could get us to sit still long enough to tie us down every now and then!
(overdone lipstick, underdone foundation)

How I can identify with this blue-skirted figurine! She got a little too nosy, I'm imagining, trying to see what was happening on the bench just in front of her, finally tipping  ... oops ... too far! Her bench mate looks on in open-mouthed horror. So does my husband, when I get a little too nosy about those interesting strangers all around me.

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