I Smell It

Does anybody else smell it? 'Cause it's wafting on the breeze over here.
I smell fall.
No booing allowed, it's just that time of year. It's light yet, for sure, but there.
When I have a minute to sit in the sun, if I close my eyes, it plays just at the edge of my nose - that musty, sweet, aroma.
It was there this morning as I was walking along through the grass, and again day before yesterday when I got out of the car.
It's like the smell of overripeness.
Of too many spent and fallen blooms mixing with the dirt.
Maybe it's like thick, thick grass that's hot in the sunshine and mown too many times.
Definitely the smell of ripe apples rotting under the trees.

You'll only find it at the very end of a deep breath, though.
Fall is still out there on the horizon, yet, but I smell it.


krissy said...

I had the same thought yesterday. Fall is just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

hey! i just said that the other day! :)

amy said...

Hoping for an extended fall this year and it smells like I may get it! It is my favorite season and it's always too short. It's the only season that can turn decay into a sweet, spicey, aroma that harkens so many wonderful memories. I can't wait to make more of them so, smell away my friend and enjoy!

Jess said...

Girl, I have been thinking about Fall all week! It's almost here! I live for the Fall! I get all mushy and emotional about it haha. It's just a beautiful season and seeing all the changes that happen in the Fall always renews my awe and appreciation of God and the amazing work He does.

I am so excited about cool breeze and hoodies. Leaves changing color. Piles of leaves to jump in with my nieces and nephews. Eating pumpkin pie! Apple and pumpkin pie scented candles. The Wool Festival. Gaaaaaah I am so excited about Fall!!!