Goetta Fest

We went to the Glier's Goettafest on the riverfront in Cincinnati earlier in the month. Having just gotten the photos off my camera*, thought I'd post some of them. 
My shot of goetta pizza - a little blurry since my hand was shaking from some serious carb overload. You could also buy goetta on a stick, goetta calzones, goetta-dogs, goetta fried rice.... you get the idea.

There was ice cream - not any ice cream - Graeter's ice cream. Not any Graeter's ice cream, but raspberry chocolate chunk! It's' frozen against the heat into a rock-hard block, but you can see DH is digging away, working away at stealing the chunks of deliciousness first - 'cause that's how he rolls.

Random and riveting people by the hundreds to enjoy! My Youngest tried to stop me from taking this man's photo, drawing more attention than if he had just walked away from me instead. The man has seated himself in the middle of the public square on a stool with bongo drums in his lap- he wants his picture taken!

My teenagers watched with alternating stunned and smug disbelief as cloggers strutted their stuff on center stage for our lunchtime entertainment.  I made some serious promises regarding my free time as a future senior adult and requested an intervention should I start wearing jingle taps around the house just to break them in. 
Thought you  might enjoy a little clogging this morning, while you make your breakfast resolutions.
(and I hope none of these women are your favorite Aunt Betty...)

* MY DEAR CAMERA was left outside, overnight, a few weeks ago. I'm not naming names, just saying I didn't do it! Sunday morning dawned with a rainstorm that we had been drowsily enjoying for about two hours. Finally getting up, I pulled back the curtain to the patio, and the camera was the first thing my eyes landed on - out on the patio table, SOAKING up the storm. Of course I ran out there to get it, and I might be a little embarrassed now at the height of my upset. I found some directions on how to try to save it via internet (WHAT did we ever do w/o internet before?), and we set about 'baking' the camera. What did we have to lose? It worked! 


krissy said...

oh, I'm so relieved for you. I put John's ipod through the was a few years ago and it dried out per internet directions too.

the mama said...

I thought I knew you well....I thought jingle taps would have been right up your alley!