Movin' Out

My tiny, cookie-loving, overall-wearing, brown-eyed baby boy is moving out today. It's been funny to watch him gathering his things, carefully packing up. Carefully packing up - that's a curiosity all by itself! He's brimming over with excitement at his dream finally coming true.  I'm not going to let myself analyze this down to the threads - I'm just going to admire his gumption at making it happen. As he goes, we are holding out final words of advice. We are whispering wisdoms that we've spoken and shouted so many times before, hoping he'll hear them one more time --- or maybe for the very first time. We're patting him on the back and carrying boxes, trusting that the Lord is keeping His arm around our boy, even as he ventures out from under our umbrella. 
And I'm trying not to cry and ruin the fun. 


Anonymous said...

He'll be fine he has great examples to follow!

krissy said...

oh susan! that's so exciting for him. I'll say a prayer for you both.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Good luck to him! And may all his dreams come true.