To Market

If you haven't been to market lately, you've been missing out.

The waffle was wonderful, even if a little pricey.  Worth standing in a long line to get. I did have to share, but only a few bites.

Sights, sights, and more sights.  I think these shoes were ... interesting.

Oh, my - the bakery window!  I snapped a photo of my Dear Friend in front of this window, contemplating the sinful nature of sugar - and lusting after some! DF, I didn't share the photo, and you're welcome. We are truly pals!

How did the homeschoolers get a gig down on the streets? I watched for a while but could never spot their mothers, or any parent, keeping watch over these two talented boys.
"Hey, Buddy!  I came to market for some fish heads - are these fresh, or what?"
Why? How? Who?
(The questions that burn in my soul all the time...)
(For the next photo, repeat questions above, adding 'Why?' in a few more times.)
Most remarkable was that this guy was cooking food in a outdoor grill-booth. The food smelled great, but the views were killing business.
(Ironic eyes on the shirt back, right?)

I bought a birthday present for myself, admired the plants, enjoyed the crowd, and ate wonderful food with dear friends. What better way to spend a Saturday morning?

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