Is this a good reason to be a little late for church? 
To have Men and Almost-Men calling from the car, "Mom! You're making us late!" 
or "Hey, remember how you like to get there early?"

I think so! Beauty in the most unexpected places! Nature is His own easel - His handiwork on display, always speaking to us.

Not as lovely, and not a reason to be late for anything - the bag worm sack photo, below. But still interesting (and still speaking). 
(Check out all the tiny worms - they've hatched an are ready to disperse and munch on my garden. They might think I care, but we're at the end of September and I don't care one bit!)


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Magnificent spider's webs. They look so beautiful covered with dew, don't they. As for the worm bag thingy, well I have never seen one of those, and don't think I want to!
Wishing you a happy autumn. :)

marie said...

The webs are amazing ~ the bag worm sack...well, I could have done without seeing that.