Got Me - Again

You got me!
Yes, you seasonal souls who decorate even your vehicles for Halloween - you ALWAYS get me with those dangling, smashed and bloody body parts! I am that shocked person with her hand over her mouth, gasping in  horror that someone got smashed in a car door/trunk/hood. Even if the scare lasts only part of a second, I'm sure you'll be gratified to know - 
Ya Got Me!

Just like every year, I'll be glad when Halloween is over. 

And to the 
Person Who Decorated Their Entire Yard In Orange Lights And Graveyard Gore
I'm NOT looking, no, not even a glance!

(Photo taken by My Youngest, who wrestled the phone from my hand. He belongs to 'Children Preventing Automobile Accidents'. He's going to bring holiday driving hazards up at the next meeting of CPAA.)

1 comment:

marie said...

As someone who works in the insurance industry - I say KUDOS to your youngest. Of course wrestling in a moving vehicle probably isn't a great idea either! : )

I think some of the cute Halloween things are fun...but the gore! Yuck. I'm happy when it's over too!