Carving Contest


"You keep going on that ... I'll just take a couple of photos real quick ..."
We used to have alot of pudgy little boy hands 'helping' with the carving. Now our Almost-Men were either on their way to the party (if we're lucky), or carving their own entry with a sweet girl   friend (not necessarily a girlfriend, no space), or abstaining (which is similar to disdaining).
So My Man and I were on our own this year. He might say he was on his own this year, judging from the photo below. 

(more) beauty and design in the goop


What a nice crowd of pumpkins we had at the family pumpkin carving contest! Lots of effort and thought went into these, especially MWH's and mine (far left), but we still didn't win.  Dang! And the prize was a bag of real-looking plastic cockroaches, too! 
Or tooth-black ... that went to the chili-cook off winner.

 Check out that bottom left one - we all mocked it in the daylight. The carver spent time trying to explain how the face was supposed to look. Said he thought he must've botched it, somehow. But when the candles were lit --- AMAZING! 
Makes me think of the man in the moon!
Can you guess which one was the winner?

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marie said...

Great bunch of carved masterpieces. LOVE the man in the moon one ~ but I'm going to guess that the BOO one was the winner!