Why Rake?

You have to ask questions with lots of care when they get taller than you. You might only have a one-question / one-answer window! I've used these in attempting conversation with my more taciturn sons:
"What do you like about fall?" 
"What are some things you remember about fall when you were little (hahaha)?" 
"What are you looking forward to when fall comes this year?"

I scored big on this answer from one of my guys: 
"I like to see a golden carpet of leaves covering the grass."

And he'll get to see that this year, too, since we don't rake around here until the last leaf has fallen.  Usually the leaves get mown for mulch, and if the rake does comes out, it's only for making a jumping pile. Although there's not many Almost Men who will risk their  (fragile) dignity for a romp in the leaves anymore. 

Maybe if no one else is looking...