Bring Your Monkeys

I was putting on shoes to hike when this couple walked past us to begin the trail. 
I almost fell out of the open car door - are you kidding me???
Monkeys in Gatlinburg? 
You brought your monkeys to hike a historic trail in Gatlinburg?
Convinced that they would be sending their monkeys up the trees, and somehow needing to see such a thing, I tried to catch up with them. 
MWH scoffed this idea, "How would they ever get them back down?" 
We had our share of trouble in play area tubes and ball pits ourselves.
Wife had Snuggly Monkey - you can barely see its head over her shoulder. 
Husband had The Wild One. It was bouncing on his shoulders, making a constant tossed salad with the man's hair. 
They left the trail before us, so I got this shot of them returning to their car.  And I didn't try to do it on the sly, either. If you have monkeys on a hiking trail, you already know that people are going to be watching and taking your photo. 
Only the monkey seems to notice that his photo being taken. 
'Cause monkeys are like that. 

I can't finish without mentioning the flame print diaper. 
It's bad enough changing the bottom of your own smooth-butted baby, but wiping a furry monkey bottom? 

I wonder if they all went to the Apple Barn for breakfast?
Did they ride go-karts in Pigeon Forge?
Did they ride the ski lift to Ober Gatlinburg?

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geetlee said...

Wow, that flame colored underwear is something else!!! :)