November Closing

I don't consider myself a Bah-Humbug person at all. BUT I can't get into Christmas in November. I feel the Tug of the Season, but ... no, not yet. There's too much to do, still, outside. This weekend we took steps toward the holidays by closing the gardens. 
I can't enjoy Christmas until I've left summer behind. 
So November is for closing gardens. 
It's for considering the growing season - making plans, readjusting expectations, celebrating successes and (hahaha) mourning small losses.

As always, geraniums make the mental list of "please don't do this again"
Yet into a paper bag they go, to be brought out again next season for another go around. 
Because over the winter, I forget those resolutions that I made in the November Closings. 
I AM halfway to 90, after all.
The Purple Queen vine from this year's containers are all clipped. Most of them ended up in the garbage can, but I reserved quite a few cuttings to root over the winter. I'll have plenty of these for free in the spring. Free plants! Let me know if you want some cuttings for your windowsill.
But the forsythia thinks another spring has arrived. It's blooming away over there on the hillside, even though the green leaves have gone to burgundy. 
Yesterday all the Near Men came out to help trim, pull and clear the way, then today (between ball games) MWM spread a thick layer of leaf mulch on the beds. There's only a little to do in the front yard and I'll be free to think about the Holidays!

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