My Youngest went airborne this week!  
My Dad flies this plane, sort of a wonderful hobby ...
... and he offered to take this guy up. My Middle Son wanted nothing at all to do with this sort of nonsense - "No, Thanks!" But this one, he couldn't wait.  
However, on the way, he made some last minute arrangements for the distribution of his 
Christmas gifts in case anything should happen to him. 
And he considered the benefits of  fasting.
I think he might have a love of sky, like I do.  
 He certainly got some great shots up there. 
The amazing sunset seemed to be just for him.
First time in flight - do you remember how the night lights looked to you the first time you saw them from that high up?  I guess I'm assuming everyone has been flying. It does seem that there are very few people now who've never been in a plane.
I know some who fly but won't look out the window, 
though, and what sights they're missing! 
I guess not looking is better than making use of that little paper bag.
Yes, and the rest of us do appreciate that. So much!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Your blog is delightful! And I learned a new bush...a hydrangea I'm guessing from googling it!) That is so neat your son is learning to fly from his grandfather. (I use those little paper bags). And I love your dog!! love,andrea

YWH said...

He looks so old with that headset on

Lisa said...

I have never flown - at my age! Had no reason to.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

What an adventure! And what a beautiful sunset. If this is to be a regular thing for him, I wish him many happy, safe hours.