The Manly Option

The search for the perfect tree - a yearly challenge. 
 This year for the first time, I ended up in retreat to the car, leaving the men and almost-men to make the final selection. 
Fat and Impossibly Tall  
Thin and Just Tall Enough
You know what they all want, right? 
The MANLY option. 

Back when this photo was taken, our family made a yearly trip to scour the hills of Campbell County for the Perfect Tree
Tug Fork Tree Farm grew field after field of lovely trees, 
and our task to find that Perfect One would take an (entire) afternoon
The same discussion regarding tree shape/size occurred every year. 
My Youngest is demonstrating his choice, 
without compromise or any shred of embarrassment - 
the Fattest and Tallest tree on the farm.
Man in training!

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