Santas For Sale

A day's Get-Away can be just the thing for some holiday relief.
My Wonderful Husband and I laughed (and smooched) as we browsed row upon row of antique junk.
There were lots and LOTS of vintage Christmas decorations for sale -
so many kinds of Santas!
 Isn't this an odd little Saint Nick? 
Maybe it was a craft project during the 50's. 
 It must've been popular for us to find two of them in the same store! 
(Can you see our reflection on Santa's face?)

We found  Angry Santa standing on a chair near the bookshelves. 
Is he so angry because he has no hands 
or because his boots are made of cheap, white plastic?
I believe this Santa carries only has sticks and coal in his pack.

 This one has a cheerful, kind face, but his beard falling off is a little upsetting.  
It reminded me of the TeethFallingOut  dream. 
(No hands again - or maybe his sleeves are just sewn closed?)

Empty Eyes Santa! 
He makes me wince a little. This one could star in a Holiday Horror flick.

Another bad beard and another missing hand. 
Hands are so unpredictable, aren't they?
Ask any teenager.


Anonymous said...

Neat! Those santas were fun to see! love,andrea

marie said...

Sounds like a fun get-away and I loved seeing all the Santas! I think I liked the "twins" the best! : )

Happy New Year to you and your family!

NanaNor's said...

Greetings to you, Thank you for stopping by my blog so I could then come visit you. You have a delightful place here and I want to go back through you past posts and get to know you. Have a blessed evening.