Every holiday includes great photo opportunities.
People in the holiday spirit are willing to do unusual things.
And I heard from a reliable source that there's ALOT more fun to be had at the kid table.
How long will we have these days of laughter? 
Smiles and hoots of joy gilded by so-generous candlelight?
Are you savoring these days with me? 
Yes, believe me, 
I know it's not all fun and games, 
and tears of un-joy may also be shed when the family gathers.

But I'm trying to let those tears be like the pains of childbirth 
and allow them to slip out of my memories. 

I'm not going to listen when they cry "Here!" during the roll call of reminiscing. 

I'll pretend I didn't hear a thing and instead focus on recalling 
the smiles, the hoots, the winks, the hugs.
The Joy.


marie said...

Love this post Sue..and I love your photos too!

I know that there will be some tears of "un-joy" at our Christmas gatherings this year but I will remember this post when they happen. Thanks for the encouragement to change my focus.

Ann said...

ah yes, the tears of un-joy. They are not a welcome guest but they have a way of crashing the party sometimes. Lets hope this year they prefer other accommodations :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy seeing new faces.