Shoulder Peeking

I have nighttime camera issues. 
Or in low-light, like indoor evening shots. 
So Frustrating!
So these Christmas light shots were experimental. 
Trying the many settings on the dial, in a crowd, looking for something that worked. 
This didn't work, but I like the blurry dragging look anyway. 
Finally, this on the SPORTS setting. Yeah!
The camera captured the glow of the lights which was what was missing from the other shots. 

Later, we sat waiting for the Winter Wonderland puppet show to start in a large, outdoor auditorium. A young man with his tripod/camera was just in front and to the right. He was taking some photos of his friends, who were just to his right, as they ate funnel cake. 
I know I'm not the only one who peeks over the shoulder of other photographers (hahaha) to see how their photos are turning out. Right? 
So I'm peeking at this guy's review display - !!! Amazing, perfect photos in the miserable low-light of the auditorium! I was thinking of tapping his shoulder, but instead pointed the achievement to MWHusband, who I thought was 
'unaware' of what was going on right next to him. 
"Look at this guy's photos! HOW did he do that?"
"Didn't you hear him? He just got a new low-light lens."

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Anonymous said...

I think your first picture is really neat. Yes, it is the camera and lens...everyone around me has these fancy cameras...they say they are easy to use. did you mention funnel cakes...Mmmmm! love,andrea