That Crazy Innkeeper

My Youngest, about eight years ago, busy playing with the manger scene at Christmas. 
Pajamas + fire + sock feet + sticky face = a happy morning. 
That I've set this nativity group out again, complete, is an amazement to me.
This is the 'play'manger scene
not to be confused with the 'special'manger scene
which was always placed up high, just out of the reach of my three small sons. 
That glass set was only for looking and not for touching
one of the very few items in our home to ever fit in that demanding category.
But this plastic set, this one was fine to play with, and I wanted them to
giving me an opportunity to talk to them about that holy night, and those who were part of the story. Now my Men and Almost-Men are too old to play with the pieces, and it turns out, this set, the ok-to-play-with-set, has become the real treasure!

That angel has flown through the entire house and always returned to her place on the stable roof. Baby Jesus has been wooled over, sent down steps (His bed does look a little like a sled...), and fed at the breakfast table. Those kings, and the shepherds too, have been on special ops with GI Joes, and I think Joseph flew in Chopper 5 more than once. 
Mary stayed put, always, as she apparently made a poor adventure partner for my boys.
The innkeeper, also, was not taken out to play and was regarded with mild scorn at all times.

"No room - REALLY?!? He was crazy, Mom, right?!"
It's so easy to find fault with others' callousness toward the Lord, while ignoring and excusing our own mishandlings... While I long to be Mary in the story "Behold, the handmaid of the Lord...", or a Shepherd, filled with wonder and "making haste" toward Jesus, too often I find myself in the role of that miserable innkeeper, busily blind to what is going on in the kingdom, missing precious glimpses of the Lord when He is made manifest right in front of me. 
Do you know what I mean? Do you see yourself in the Christmas story?

They've suffered a little damage - the donkey is missing an ear (broken while galloping with the camels), some hands have gone missing (it seemed to be very difficult to press a machine gun into the hand of a magi member), a shepherd's flute was bent (which sadly wouldn't make music when blown by small boys)

But they're all taking their places out there in the living room, welcoming the Christ Child in yet another Season of Joy.


Lisa said...

Why hello...thanks for stopping by. I've never been here before and I love your use of words.

This was an interesting post for me. Particularly this year I have been wondering what I would have thought of this "savior". What would my response have been. I love that the play set is now the cherished one. Sweetness.

krissy said...

Great post!

Aunt Lois said...

Made me smile. I will have to send you a picture of your grandma's manger scene. It is still around minus the cow's horns, a wise man with a tell tale ring of glue around his neck and much more. I bet you will remember. "That is what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown" is a great line. All of us need to keep that in our minds and hearts. Hugs!

marie said...

I love how you write! It's so beautiful.

I have a little Fisher Price nursery for my grandbabies and they love it. Penelope was playing with it while she visited the other day and we talked about Jesus' birthday. She kept picking up the baby Jesus and cradling him in her hands... all the while saying "Jesus is so cute".
I think this little nativity will end up being my very favorite one.

YWH said...

Your writing makes me feel warm. I love remembering our "little" guys. Christmas is so different without little ones.

the mama said...

the best post yet!

Laura Frantz said...

Hello Sweet Annabelle from your author friend - we seem to have a a few things in common like boys and this very nativity set! I've had mine for about as long as you (maybe they were mass produced that year?)though I may be missing a piece or two!

Your blog is a delight and I'm still chuckling about your wish to locate Blogger's wrinkle removal. Me, too;)

Praying this is the most blessed Christmas ever for you and your beautiful family!