Truthful Rudeness

I'm not good with houseplants, since they require watering. That is asking a little too much, I think! But every year, I drag a few plants in from the outside - those I can't stand to watch go down in the first killing frost. They might go in the greenhouse for a little while, but eventually they die a lingering and miserably slow death indoors. Where lots of folks are around to give sympathy - 
"Ooohhh!" and "Ooooo-oouucchh!"
I used to keep a huge Boston fern in the right front window of our home. 
If you thought I might be able to name the direction the window faces, you don't know me very well. That would be cool, though - "In the northwest facing window..." 
It did cast LOTS of leaves though, due to that nagging water issue. 
 The Cable Guy was here one day, a few years back, and I had to move 
the giant fern for him. Of course it dropped about 35,621 leaves at that immediate point. He laughed at my Oh Shoot! comment, and said that HIS wife would never put up with this sort of mess in her house. 
Really! Really? Really.
Well, that big dose of truthful rudeness just sort of pointed out the obvious to me. And suddenly, I was happy to get rid of it! 
That big Boston went on the Freecycle list and someone rushed over,  delighted to get it for herself. What a relief!
This tiny one is much more manageable, and I haven't been sorry that it came indoors even one time! I love its verdant green-ness in contrast to the bleak outside views.
But I have been watering it. 
So far, so good! 
It is only January, though.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a cute write-up! ha. the pics looks so nice! love,andrea