Early Purples

There's so much PURPLE out there right now!
And alot of it shouldn't be showing yet. 
Just sayin'.
Some of the hosta are coming up bud bloom first
In my years of peering at the spring ground and admiring the new life,
I've never seen that.
I guess they thought they had slept too late, 
since it was over 80 degrees for quite a few days. 
The tulips came and went within five days. What's up with that? 
I think they rushed away when they thought it might actually be summer, instead of spring.
Temps have gone back to sort-of-warmer-than-normal now, and most of these purples have already disappeared for the year. 
But I have a Dear Garden Friend who has promised me a Royal Purple Hydrangea start from one of her bushes. 
I did a joy dance. 
And she wasn't surprised.

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the mama said...

Working upstairs at the Latonia center on Decoursey...when we came in the back door and up the stairs...talking about purple flowers. That's when I decided we should be good friends. Fifteen years later now! Happiness in this post!