One of the best things about Gatlinburg is just kicking back and watching the show. The Road Show that passes by continually on the street going through the middle of town. There are benches for this, although they are weirdly turned in the wrong direction. 
I would include the crowds of people in the entertainment, you know - no better place to people watch. And maybe a caramel apple. Yes, definitely.
There happened to be a car show that weekend, and my nephew had grabbed My Middle Son to point out some amazing car when I snapped this. 
Is there anything much more adorable than toddler arms? Tiny rounded arms ending in chubby hands and fingers - so squeezable! 
I love how they pressed their heads together to better see the one coolest thing on wheels, whatever it was. 

This photo has always been a favorite of mine. I guess the camaraderie ... the closeness ... the excitement, maybe? There's no formality in the relationship here, none at all. They are real buds, neither shy about grabbing the other and pointing the way toward something truly eye-popping. And I love that! Isn't that the kind of friendship we all wish to enjoy? Has God blessed you with someone in your life who will grab you around the neck, so to speak, and excitedly point toward something you just can't afford to miss? 
What a wonderful gift!

John did it for his friends, and I bet he was just as excited - can you imagine it? 
For more "LOOKS" see Genesis 15:15, Matthew 6:26, Mark 11:21, John 4:35, Acts 3:4


marie said...

I LOVE this post...really love it!

The photo is precious and when I got to the end of the post and connected it with John and his comment. Well...let me just say, the tears flowed.

I pray everyone has a "grab you around the neck" kind of friend in their life and that they're saying "Look, the Lamb of God!"

JanMary @ www.janmary.com said...

Great photo and great message too - so true. I think we sometimes forget to appreciate the awe and wonder we should have that we know such an awesome God, and we should be sharing it with everyone!

Greetings from N Ireland :)