It's going to hurt if it snows at this point.  
This is my only snow photo for this winter - that's a BIG deal. 
I take snow photo after snow photo after snow photo every winter. 
But the snow just didn't happen this year. 
No snow days - it was weird, I have to say.
I didn't get to hang the indoor snow.
But I'm getting over it.
Please excuse my while I sigh over my daffodils. 
 Whoever loved this place before us, planted these. 
We just enjoy them - the best case scenario, if you ask me.
 Those ruffles
That color - pale, vibrant and deep, all in the same bloom.
Can anyone fail to see the Designer in these brief-lived bits of creation?
It's nothing else except FANTASTIC - His lavish provision of outrageous beauty can be for such a blessing, if we will just stop to see!
 Take some time to joyfully receive those blessings as you enjoy this brand new Spring!

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Cassie said...

we have a few piles of snow out on the back lawn, while our cherry blossom--I think it's a cherry blossom tree prepares itself for bloom. It's been a late and long winter here in the NW and I can't wait for Spring to officially greet us! Lovely photographs, I love how you put it--the ruffles and seeing our Maker in the design. So intricate and beautiful!