The Beautiful Un-Lovely

I'm going to throw out some not so pretty words,
 and you might be tempted to say "Eww-u!" 
But if you look past an un-lovely name ... 
if you determine to find beauty, will you be able to?
Can true beauty be found in how you look, 
and not so much in what you see?

These fungus are actually called 'turkey tail' - I know, I'm a nerd. 
But doesn't that somehow enhance the entire thing?
The warm yellow/brown/gray stripes and a gently fuzzy texture paired with plump new moss ---
 I vote YES on fungus.

What about that cool jadite color, topped by a contrastingly smooth and softly-brown cap? 
These Seuss-ish lichen (a combination of algae and fungus) are an amazing bit of handiwork. 
We stumbled upon them one morning ("Look!"), and they had withered away the very next!

Beauty is fleeting, and sometimes you have to  decide  to see  it. 
But it IS possible to find beauty in the unenchanting and the uncomely, 
if you are determined.

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marie said...

I was thinking "Dr Suess" when I looked at that second photo! : )

Great post!