A Lowly Spot

Our spring trip to the zoo - EVERYONE else in the tristate area was there, too.  
But there were so many cute little ones, so very excited about the a'mals. 

I had to snicker a tiny bit at the intensity some parents were applying to a simple zoo visit. Does that darling, blond three-year-old really need to be able to distinguish between an emperor and a king penguin? 
There could be a time for just enjoying, right? 
How critical are these facts, anyway?
I guess I always leaned a tiny bit toward an 'unschooling' attitude in my home education - at least toward some things. If they don't wonder aloud about something, then I'm not going to throw out endless trivia. 
If they don't ask, "Mom, what do you think that bit of floppy skin at the end of his nose is for?", then I'm probably not going to say a word. 

Because most of the time, it's ME voicing those crazy questions aloud, instead of them.
This is a source of embarrassment for my almost-teen, who will still go to the zoo with his mom to get out of a day with the Book Stack. He might wincingly hear any number of musings from his mom:
"What in the world are those monkeys doing?"
"Why in the heck is that swan doing that neck thing?"
"How do you think it can eat with that kind of mouth issue going on?"
"What is that in its eye, anyway?"
"Do you think they can see us if I wave like this?"
(his very favorite...)
So, anyway. Lovely photos is what I really meant to post about. 
Youngest son is not embarrassed to have me stop to take photos in random spots, 
even if the zoo is very crowded. 
He is a very tolerant son. 
Or maybe he's just relieved that I'm not trying to communicate in any way with the a'mals 
(or tiny, adorable children in strollers).
2012 Garden Resolution: 
After seeing these at the zoo, I'm going to find them for my garden this year. 
AND I'm going to force myself to plant them in November when I am otherwise completely finished gardening. Daydream Tulips. They sort of glow in the morning sunshine. 
Beautiful from above...
... and from below, too.

Side Note That Might Only Make Sense To Me:
Life can be filled with beauty when you're up and walking about, on top of it all, viewing the Lord's handiwork from an upright point. 
It's a very different view from below, when you're down low, and at the bottom, so far from where you were before. But still, from that humble position, there is beauty, and life, and there can even be joy. As long as we don't squeeze our eyes shut in pain, misery and/or rage, we might get a glimpse of something not seen by all those lofty individuals who have not had the privilege of seeing life from a Lowly Spot. 

Isaiah 61:1-3 

Isaiah 55:8


krissy said...

ooooo. love the below picture!!!

marie said...

About that "side note"...I've seen life multiple times from a place lower than low and always...always, there has (ultimately)been beauty, life and joy through it. It's just really hard to see it when you're in the middle of it all.

Eyes wide open....that's the best way to move forward. I prayed for you and your family today!