No Bunnies, No Sugar

We used to hide the Easter baskets and have the kids hunt for them.
(Like Mary hunting for the Risen Lord...)
Now we simply load carefully prepared baskets and set them out for  enjoyment.
Things changed when my little ones turned into tall, handsome  man-types.
No longer is the excitement about untucked shirts with matching clip-on ties, sticky peep fingers or chocolate-laced spitty kisses on Easter morn.
 Nor is there much enthusiasm remaining for the Easter Family Photo.
We've taken a family photo on Easter morning every year.
Every.  Year.
Usually it makes us a little late to church, but we don't care, since JOY runs high 
on Easter Sunday morning.  
The Easter Family Photo is LOADED this year.
There is ALOT going on here.
If you could click each person,
and thank God you can't,
allowing you to hear their real thoughts ... 
you would likely be a little bit shocked.
Or maybe a lot shocked.
And this Easter, there were  things  happening within the family that made me say,
"Forget the family picture this year. I don't want to remember this Easter."
Thankfully, there's a husband who leads this family with Great Courage - 
much greater courage than I happen to have handy lately.
I'm glad he insisted that the photo be taken.
In truth, this photo displays people who are in various stages, levels and kinds of 
There are no bunnies, nothing pastel, and no sugar - of any kind - present.
This Easter Family Photo is REAL.
Our 2012 family photo will stand as a reminder that The Resurrection can be
 especially for those who are 
in the middle of need,
wrestling with drama
strained by yearning.
I'm thankful that in growing older with my Boy/Men, I'm growing in understanding and appreciating the POWER of the Resurrection and what it means for ALL of us.
The Lord is walking with us along the path.
He IS our Risen Savior!


marie said...

I'm praying that the Lord will surround you with His love and that His presence will fill you with peace.

"For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, 'Fear not; I will help thee.'"
Isaiah 41-13 KJV

PS. I'm so glad you took the family picture.

Aunt Lois said...

Your husband if very smart. I believe in the years to come you would have regretted not having that photo.
Upon reading your blog it came to my mind about the resurrection lily. It comes up in the spring with such beautiful green leaves.. so fresh and ready for what life has to offer. Then comes the time where the leaves get tattered and beat down. (See how it follows our life at times?) But just when we think the lily is just an old tattered memory up springs the most wonderful blooms. Blooms of renewal and new hope. Your bloom is coming. You just need to get through the tattered leaves of it all. Hugs to all.

T said...

Looking at the photo outsiders would never know anything but a beautiful family. : ) Keep taking the photos no matter what. A wise women once told me the little things you think drive you crazy about someone aren't so big when they are gone. That is a sad true story! I try to remember that when I am complaining at my family.I don't want to look back and say I wish they were here to do that one more time.....

momvarvell said...

I caught you blog from Abbys Road and I must say you should be encouraged. One line from "Steel Magnolias" has stayed with me. "Your life can change with every breath you take." As quickly as trials come, victory can also come. Never give up hope and never give up on people. Just one touch from the Master can make everything right.

Abby said...

Oh my, I wish I could click on every face and hear their thoughts. I do.

When I was in high school, my Mom (the very same one I wrote the birthday wishes to) had to stop the car (on a major highway) and tell me if I planned on uttering one more syllable, I'd have to go ahead and get out now and walk to school. I uttered not, because it was really far.

These "light and momentary troubles" are achieving for you glorious adult relationships...someday. They'll see, you'll see.

Great big blessings to you! I love, love, love your post about the shower & your ideas being washed down the drain! That is my place of inspiration, too. Do they make a waterproof tape recorder? (Do they still make tapes?)