Crazy Amazing Trick

It doesn't seem like that long ago that my Second Babe came into our arms. But it was seventeen years ago today!
He was a little big raggedy looking as a brand new infant, wasn't he!
Poor kid, we both  had a rough time of it.
This boy taught us that rules were made to be tested and 
boundaries were meant to be crossed. 
He was not supposed to climb on that box, since it was the official first step in swinging from the ceiling fan.
                                           We've watched him grow and change. Looking up into his face instead of down, while still, every fleeting now and then, catching a glimpse of his little boy smile. 
That smile from the top of a putt-putt course piece is my favorite little boy smile of his. There are several versions, but this one was rare and so sweet. It only appeared at moments of  ultimate boy bliss
I've seen it pass over his face a very few times since it became covered in whisker bristle.
 He's becoming a man in front of our very eyes! 
What a crazy, amazing trick the Lord can do with those tiny bundles of joy that land in our lives.

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the mama said...

Giggle - I remember this sweet boy hiding his eyes from me when he'd wake up from his nap and I was in his view! If he couldn't see me then surely I would disappear when he uncovered his eyes.
And, my second favorite memory was when he met me at my car in the driveway to tell me that M was going to join the family! Personality transformation!