Pie Knees

I know I've talked about peonies before. 
PLEASE - I know we all have pronunciation differences around here. 
Tomato / tomato  and all that. And who cares how you say clematis  anyway? 
(clem-AY-tis   or   clem-AT-is  --- whatever)
BUT do take care with how you say peonies
I mean would you rather have  pee-knees  or  pie-knees
We could all agree probably, and especially here in the land of middle age
that pee on the knees is mostly a very grim situation. 
On the other hand, having pie on the knees - that's all good! 
Let's go with pie every time!
ANYway. I think these might deserve a spot every year. It's all about the teamwork!
Check out this photo - if you can double click to enlarge it, do that. Look at all the different sizes of ants working away at these tight-fisted blooms. Is that crazy or what? Since when do those big-butted ants work in harmony with those teensy, barely-there ants? And yet, when it's almost time for the peonies to bloom, they are all out there just busy, busy, busy, laboring for the common goal. 
Reminds me of the local pregnancy care center. Not big butts, of course, but all different sorts of Christians working diligently, and in harmony, toward a common, and beautiful, goal.
And look how much work they had to do this year!  
This past mild winter allowed almost every plant to outdo any bloom show it ever put on before. Usually, this peony bush has only a dozen or so blooms,  but just see what it did a couple of weeks ago!
And finally, peonies in the grass. 
It's a short show.


angie said...

Peonies are my favorite flower. When we lived in Oregon we had a plant by my front door. I wish it flowered more, though. It never got more than like 2 peonies.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

It is, as you say, a short show. Often we have a heavy rain in late May or June and that's the end of the peonies for us! We say pee-onies, by the way. I adore them! We have deep red, mid pink and a white with a red fleck running through it. Possibly my favourite flower - especially the white and red one. Wishing you a happy time with your peonies while they last!

the mama said...

And the smell is the best! pie anyday, my friend.

marie said...

I love Peonies...my grandma had bushes of them all around her front porch. When I was about five years old, I fell off the porch...the Peonies cushioned my fall!