The View from My Chair

On our Great Anniversary Get-Away a couple years ago, we loved using these chairs out on the beach. You just lean back a little bit and boom - you're in full basking position. 
I miss the beach!
After we returned, we both  helpfully guided  our boys to choose one of these chairs as Mother's Day / Father's Day gifts. It is a happy day when we get to spend some time reclined in a "beach" chair. 
Here's the view from my chair last week. Husband, of course, in his chair nearby. 
That improves the view a hundred and sixteen percent. 
A tub full of perennials helps too - salvia, stellas, hosta, and a few lily of the valley. There is no room for any annuals in there this year. This is a good thing! I might tuck something else in there when the perennials stop blooming, though.
And who knew these snapdragons would return so big - another advantage of the mild winter, though, I think. Also in there are some dianthus, purple hearts, and a bit of some light green viney stuff taken from a hanging basket several years ago.
I don't think I'm putting anything extra in there either!

I did score some great deals on the clearance rack at Lowes this weekend. Eyes popping out, I gathered big pots of healthy zinnia, pink and yellow, for just ... ONE DOLLAR! May Night salvia in perfectly good condition, and even some pretty poor looking  hydrangeas for a dollar. I put the hydrangeas in containers, too, and am hoping that they'll return next year and fill those containers --- for FREE.

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