On Mother's Day morning, on our rainy way out the door to church ---
"Hey, Mom - can you help me cut some flowers for my girlfriend's mom?
I want to do something to thank her mom for being such a good mother."
After picking my jaw up from the floor, I gave him the kitchen scissors and sent him out into the drizzle, 
directing  from the dry doorway, 
"Snip a piece of that, get one of those ... cut a nice long stem.
Hurry, it's raining harder!"
I hope she was blessed - I sure was.
It was an adjustment to have to share the glory on Mother's Day. 
You know I am the previous Queen of the Day
Just the beginning of things to come as the mother of sons! 


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marie said...

Definitely one of the toughest parts of being a mom of sons! But there's nothing sweeter than hearing "I love you" from a daughter-in-law!