Six Years and The List

There's this bench in downtown Gatlinburg. In a quieter part of town, just off the main street, there's a place to park in a school lot for $5. Does this seem expensive? It's not.
I did try to convince the shed-guy (he sits in a shed all day collecting parking $ - tough job) to let us return and park in the evening for free since we had already paid in the a.m.   He didn't go for it. A guy who sits in a shed and wears a tee-shirt that says "Gas, Grass, or a__ - nobody rides for free" --- this guy gets to call the shots for sure.
There's always a spot there for us, and it's only a few steps from the Donut Friar. The Donut Friar is right at the top of the list of  Must Do's on a Gatlinburg trip.

This picture was taken on the bench in 2006. We were on our way home from South Carolina, spending one, and only one, night in Gatlinburg. We all fit in a single hotel room back then.

This photo taken this year. What a difference six short years makes!
We went from vacationing with children to vacationing with adults, or at least adult-sized peopleThe comparisons have had me just sitting and staring, drawing comparisons, amazed.
The List:
1. The Village including buying and eating from the Donut Friar
2. Car gawking on the main street at night 
3. Sausage sandwiches eaten as you walk and gawk
4. Watching the taffy making at the Candy Kitchen
5. Mini-golf - recommend Davy Crockett course
6. At least one hike (as a concession to mom)
7. Rock hopping in the stream that runs through Chimney Tops picnic area
8. Go karts on the way home in Pigeon Forge 
(also in PF - Smokey Mountain Knife Works, Apple Barn fritters, Old Mill Square)

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marie said...

Wow...what a difference six years makes...but I bet everyone still had the Donut Friar on their "must-do" list!