Super-Size Kong

If you get a photo of Kong Kong while driving down the road on a June Saturday, 
I think it should go on the blog post as super-size instead of just an everyday 'medium'.
So here it is:
We've been on vacation. 
There's agob* to look at on the drive into Gatlinburg, TN. 
Pigeon Forge just keeps getting more and more out there! Since there's such astack* of traffic, you have plenty of time to take photos of oddities. I messed up the shot of the Hollywood Mt. Rushmore, or you'd get to see it too. 
We don't actually go in these attractions, considering them just some fabulous (and free) scenery. The sights we used to look for on the Pigeon Forge drive when we were kids are old and pathetic in comparison, if they're even still visible. That huge dragon with the pink and green polka dots - - - I know you're wondering about that one - GONE. The alien head poking out of the arcade - VANISHED
I'm not sure, but I think King Kong and even the Hollywood Mt. Rushmore are inflatable, so  how long can they possibly last?

And I just want to ask, why would anyone really want to see Dueling Lumberjacks?

*Recently impacted by this snippy cartoon correcting all users of ALOT. 
Like me.
I'm planning to move to more creative versions of ALOT.
ascad, aheap, apile (which does not trigger spellcheck), 
awad, abatch, and abucketful.

ALOAD more on the family vacation coming up soon...

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