Get the Ladder

Growing sunflowers. 
It's an every year pursuit. 
Most years, the seedlings don't make it past rabbit height. 
But I always dream of those mammoth, 10 footers. 
Since that's what the package says, it doesn't seem so unreasonable. This year, no rabbits molested the sunflower seedlings, and I was very hopeful that they'd get 
 They did get as tall as me - we could look each other in the face
But eye-to-eye is not what I was going for. 
I was going for "Go Get The Ladder!" sunflowers.
Remind me to look for 'Sunzilla' seeds next year.
You know I'm a garden gawker and look for sunflower growing in other gardens.
Driving to the store last week, I saw a line of huge sunflowers that made me swerve with both hands in the air. A row of the tallest, most impressive looking sunflowers in the back of this guy's vegetable garden. It was a surprise, since so far I had only been gawking his black plastic covered beds and his well dressed scarecrow, and hadn't I noticed his sunflowers before. 

If you're interested, here's a video on starting sunflower seedlings with a seems-to-be-brilliant trench planting method, (some random act kindness in the middle of the clip), and how to harvest and roast the seeds for eating toward the video end.

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